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  • LunaAtolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldunused is wasted
    3 months ago

    I was wondering if the extra layer of whatever filesystem the swap file is created on creates overhead? Also i think some filesystems that do COW can negatively impact performance or something? Kind of remember reading that.

  • LunaAto196@lemmy.blahaj.zoneRule
    4 months ago

    Don’t do it for meaningless, temporary kinship. Do it for money, money buys things, things form interests, interest make you interesting and therefore legit friends based on common interests and understanding.

  • This is also one of the biggest reasons for me why i stopped hosting things for strangers. My country is insanely backwards with when it comes to internet law. For example Mastodon (and others) caches media and text-contents of posts from remote instances on your own server, you are now distributing - you don’t even need to directly follow someone who posts media (attachments) or even just links to a website thats hosts unlawful stuff and you’re on the hook and considered just as responsible as the original poster. Insanity.

  • A lot of games for early consoles and PCs also had to optimise and squeeze the last few kilobytes out of the space that was available to them in distribution - which forced some devs to compromise on quality and others became extremely crafty and made completely novel approaches for data compression at the time. This may be just my personal opinion but i feel like games that pushed the envelope, furthered mechanics and technology beyond what everybody else was doing and therefore needed smart devs with good ideas to actually pull it off… just were more fun to play. Today studios can throw assets like you described uncompressed on a server and call it a day, less consideration, faster development turnover, better for the publishers but probably not as polished of a game. Not saying that only uber-brainiacs who can code in 10 different assembly dialects should make games but rather that more bigger, more polys, more resolution, more everything is not always better.

    Pamphlets are indeed better imo if they convey the same information as a 500 page book that describes everything in excruciating detail 🙃

  • I wanted to start a community, including a matrix server for chatting, but public signups cause some “undesirables” to sign up and when I finally figured out what rooms they joined and what they were posting (unencrypted) I had to nope out of the whole project over night. They seem to scan the federated network for public instances with open registrations and then do shit like this. It’s a shame but the only community effort I could see myself doing in the future would need to be friend-to-friend networks or invite only or something like that…